We offer flexible design options to suit our clients' needs and budget. Which solution is best for you will depend on what you need your site to do and your budget. At Rock Solid Solutions we pride ourselves on being able to offer the most appropriate solution for your needs and means.

Website Design

At Rock Solid Solutions we pride ourselves on creating great web pages both aesthetically (the look and feel), and technically. By using innovative and creative techniques to design, we are able to make your website stand out whilst also adhering to your brand needs, providing a good customer and ultimately, user experience.

Internally we ensure the correct use of technology to make best use of web optimisation techniques to ensure your website continues to work hard for you, with lead generating calls to action, search engine friendliness and very importantly, a good experience for your site visitors.

It’s not just what you see on the screen that matters

We thrive on generating leads for your business. We achieve this by a combination of aesthetics and by ensuring the internal workings of your site are built to enable not only a great web experience for your customers, but also that your site acts as a funnel for potential customers through effective website optimisation.

You can have the most attractive looking website but if the foundations such as effective use of keywords, site structure, and sitemaps are not there and optimised, then your site will not be working as hard for you and your business as it should. These, among other things, are a vital part to web design (and often missed) but something we build in to every project.

We offer both a bespoke design service and a template design service.

Template vs bespoke design

Website templates bridge the gap between the amateur website owner learning to create their own website – with all the associated pitfalls - and a custom built, high end website design by a qualified professional.

So what is a website template? A web template is a ready made design for your website, complete with images, sample navigation layout and sample pages. It's an empty website, just waiting for you to add your content and branding to.

Choosing a ready made web design template allows you to browse through a large collection of different designs until you find the one that's right for you. You can usually see at least a screenshot of what your web page will look like, and in many cases you can see the template “in action” which lets you see exactly what you will be getting.

A bespoke design is one where a professional designer starts with a blank page and creates a unique look and feel just for you.

The difference between the two is time and money. We offer both solutions and can advise on which is best for your needs and circumstances.